Preface to E-Edition

Harvey’s Lake was originally published in 1983 after the Lake celebrated its Bicentennial Discovery in 1981 – two hundred years after Benjamin Harvey discovered the Lake in 1781.

There was a revised edition in 1991. The text in the 1983 and 1991 editions were similar but the 1991 edition had additional photographs and a short Afterword.

The 1991 edition was reprinted in a larger format in 2007.

The author’s Harvey’s Lake website was created in 2002 and contains new material, extended articles on aspects of Lake history, and a video series.

This e-edition corrects, revises and expands the earlier 1981-1991 work through 2017. This edition contains 35 percent more material than earlier editions. In the event of conflict between the printed works and the e-edition the latter should be the most authoritative. This latest edition may not be published in the traditional book form but it may be downloaded for free subject to the author’s copyright. The e-edition may be expanded in the future but the Harvey’s Lake history website will be the primary platform for additional material.

Special thanks are extended to Bruce and Carole Hanson for generous assistance regarding Hanson’s Amusement Park. Other very helpful assistance was provided by Carleen McCaffrey, Michell’e Tattersall Boice, Linda Shumaitis, Catherine Link, Rebecca Baker, Norman James, Eddie Day Pashinski and the Starfires’ Richard Gumbravich, Rev. Roger Griffith and Robert Gardner, the late Frank W. “Buck” Kelly, Jr., and the late Frank Hourigan, Jr., of the R.P.M. Old Stars. Special thanks, too, to Janelle Perez for her patient help with this extended manuscript.

Thanks, too, to the Times-Leader and Citizens Voice for photographs and to the Lake artists Dorothy Ricci, Linda Shumaitis, and Bonnie L. Coveleski.